Thursday, September 04, 2008

What A Horrible Place This Would Be

Last night we found out that Sarah Palin is exactly what she says she is: a pit bull with lipstick. Obama let this one happen. He better start doing some biting of his own.

Ms. Palin did just about what I thought she would do last night. She gave an excellent speech and speeches mean a lot in politics. I think it's silly that they do, but that's just me. If they wouldn't mean so much, Obama wouldn't have won on the Democratic side.

The surprises for me with Sarah Palin's speech were:

1) The speech was long. I thought that this was a good idea. It gave the appearance of strength and resilience.

2) The speech avoided family values. I thought this was a good idea as well. The Republicans lose on family values issues. Instead it went for the romantic appeal of the small town which is a much better choice.

3) The speech was mean spirited toward Obama. I thought this was a bad idea. It made Palin look nasty. Actually, it's that new age nastiness you get from the Internet generation, a kind of snarky thing. I don't know if Middle America is ready for snark from a candidate. Besides, McCain already is nasty. They needed a good cop/bad cop routine for the ticket. Instead, they now have two bad cops plus they've taken away whatever warmth aspects that could have come from Palin.

And now Palin I feel deserves a song of her own. My apologies to Sam Cooke who wrote the original version.

What a Horrible Place This Would Be
Stuart Rosh

She don’t know much about history
Don’t know much about biology
She don’t know much about the constitution
She don’t know much about evolution
What she knows would fill a thimble full
A girl like her will make this country ill
What a horrible place this would be

She don’t know much about global warming
Her views on Iraq are just still forming
Barely knows the lower 48
Don’t know nothing about foreign states
Yeah she knows about hunting moose
She’ll turn this country into a cooked goose
What a horrible place this would be

Now she don’t claim to be an A student
She’s not tryin’ be
Just an average AK hockey mom
Way too ignorant to be VP

She don’t know much about economics
Reads the papers just for the comics
She don’t believe in benefits for gays
She thinks the world was made in seven days
She’s just a gun toting far right nut
If she’s in charge she’ll screw this country up
What a horrible place this would be
Oh Sarah what horrible place this would be

If there is any demand for it (and I hope there won't be), I'll put up an mp3 of me singing this thing.

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