Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Personal Backlash

Before the Republican Convention, I was going to vote for Obama, give some money to the Democratic Party and that was about it. I kept on talking about working for the Obama campaign, but could never quite make that step. There was just something in me that said no. I just wasn't that sold on Obama as anyone who has read this blog knows.

Not anymore.

After McCain pulled the circus stunt of bringing in a completely unqualified person as VP because she was a woman whose reactionary politics would play well with the Evangelical base of the party, I was disgusted. Then the McCain ad below came out yesterday claiming that Obama voted for a bill for children to learn "about sex before learning how to read."

The bill in question was, among other things, designed to teach children how to avoid predators. I've seen a lot of scummy political ads in my lifetime. This one is right up there with Jesse Helms' ad from way back when showing the white hand crumpling up the pink slip in his race charged campaign of 1990. It's right up there with the Bush campaign spreading rumors in South Carolina in 2000 that one of McCain's adopted children was really his illegitimate black daughter. This is dirty. This is completely disgusting.

What kind of scummy person would approve of such an ad for their campaign? It completely distorts reality in an attempt to play upon the basic fundamental and oh so strong fears of any parent. This is just so low and manipulative. I understand about "just win baby." I'm not a Boy Scout. But what McCain has done in the last two weeks is an act of desperation that goes beyond the boundaries of what anyone with any shred of decency should do.

McCain has assumed in his ads and in his campaign that the American public is completely stupid and gullible. I agree that there is a lot of stupidity in this country, but not to this level. This is so cynical that it can't possibly be successful in the end.

McCain has never forgiven Bush for his dirty tricks in 2000. He shouldn't. It showed Bush for what he really was. I'll be remembering these dirty tricks of McCain, too. It shows the man for what he really is, someone who will do anything and approve any ad to win.

No Mr. McCain, Obama's campaign has not descended upon Alaska like wolves (a truly bizarre image for an ad considering Ms. Palin's distaste for environmental protection) in an attempt to smear Palin. It doesn't have to. There's plenty of data coming out every day without their help showing that Palin is unqualified. You should have vetted her; you didn't apparently because you were too lazy or impetuous or both. No Mr. McCain, Obama does not want kindergartners to learn about sex. There is no one out there in the reputable press who can find any evidence that your ads are based on facts; they're just plain slander.

When the Swift Boat ads came out in 2004, Bush hid behind the fact that he didn't pay for them. McCain can't hide. He's 100 percent responsible for bringing this campaign to such a low level. This time it isn't going to work.

I'd still bet my car that McCain will lose the election. Polls don't mean a thing. Yesterday, I heard one of the nation's top pollsters, James Zogby, on the radio trying to defend his lack of success polling the primaries. "We were right 19 out of 24 times," he tried to boast. Big deal. That's his measure of success. It's no doubt an inflated measure and even if you take it at face value it's a little more than 29 percent better than flipping a coin. A person who regularly read the news and simply looked at past voting data could I'm certain have done as well. When I heard Mr. Zogby try to rationalize why his poll blew it in New Hampshire - apparently almost every undecided voter turned to Clinton after she shed a tear a couple of days before the election - my brain was twisted into a pretzel trying to follow the logic.

McCain will not only lose; he will also lose a good deal of the integrity he has managed to gain since getting caught in the mud of the savings and loans scandals of the 1980s. The mud he is throwing now will be a lasting part of his legacy. He's a dirty player and slanderer right up there with Nixon, Bush the elder (remember Willie Horton?), and Bush the younger. By the time he is done with this campaign, I doubt even the Viagra ad people - who managed to snag Dole after he lost in 1996 - will be interested in using him.

With every action, there is a reaction. As a result of this truly dirty and nasty campaign McCain has chosen to run, I walked into the Obama office and volunteered. I made phone calls right off the bat. The office was crammed with people. The energy level was outstanding. I'll be going to the state of Nevada for a few days over a weekend to help out. I'm fired up. McCain is going down.

McCain may pick up the interest of the press and a few hockey moms along the way for the next couple of weeks, but he has also driven people like me to actively work against him. I still can't say I'm a big fan of Obama. But I will do everything in my power to make sure that McCain loses. I deserve better than this kind of garbage. The American people deserve better than this kind of garbage. John McCain deserves nothing but contempt. In 55 days or so, he will find out that running a slanderous campaign that assumes the American public consists of complete idiots does not work in 2008.


Yes, today is September 11th, a sad day to reflect about the horrors of terrorism and mourn the lives lost in 2001. I do note that Sarah Palin's oldest son is going to Iraq today. We should all wish him and the other soldiers well and hope they return safely.


wayne fontes said...

C'mon on Stuart, of course the smears will work. that why their put out there. The American public just doesn't stay informed. That's why our current government performs so poorly.

While I realize that you are a partisan Democrat (not that there's anything wrong with that) I think you could acknowledge Palin has been the victim of a smear campaign which I think marks the low point of this political season.

One beef with your last batch of posts. Global warming is far from a proven theory. The last two years the debate has went badly for the proponents of this theory and I think they're responding in much the same way as creationists would if their belief was held by the majority.

I did like your ideas for a reformed Republican party. where can I sign up?

fortyquestions said...

I agree that the blogs that started talking about Palin's daughter being the mother of Palin's youngest child were disgusting. But to their credit, both the Obama camp and the Democratic Party expressed their unequivocal disapproval of this slander.

Most of the information coming out about Palin, though - her lying and deception during her one big speech, her extreme stance against abortion, her conflicts of interest in hiring a state official, etc. - aren't smears. They're simply truths. McCain should have vetted her and had someone fact check her speech. He didn't.

I agree smears can work. Without them, McCain probably would be president right now instead of Bush. But I don't think they'll work this election. There is something about this election that's different. For example, the ad that I decried has been slammed by everyone and will quickly disappear, quite unlike Swift Boat.

As for my New Republican Party, thanks for the props. Feel free to run with it. I think that Beaver Cleaver is still alive and maybe you can enlist him as a spokesman. Stay away from Eddie Haskell, though!